Radio Sermons

Radio Sermons

Until further notice, the radio sermons will be removed from our website. We are currently working with our license to legally add our radio sermons on our website. Until the license is updated for online viewing, you will not be able to listen to our radio sermons online. Tune in on WGFA to listen to Joe’s sermons.

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Sermon – Radio Program Delay – UPDATE

Good afternoon everyone,

We have been experiencing some technical difficulties with the main computer that I use to edit and product the sermon and radio sermons. If all goes well this should be resolved by Friday. Stay tuned for updates. Both radio and church sermons for the last 2 weeks are affected.


UPDATE 03/05/2017:

With a successful repair of the technical issue, I am working to add the missing two sermons from the last two weeks, plus the sermon from today. All three sermons will be added today. The sermon from today will be added a litter later than normal.




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New Website Features On The Way!

Lately, I have been searching for even more ways that we can provide more content for our website. I have found some free resources that we can use. This will help our online experience even more. As more features are added, I will let you know.

For the most updated information about our website, please view our blog. We will post future content, events, etc on our blog.


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Website Broken?

This morning I noticed that our website was borken. This was due to an image problem and our website CSS was also affected by this. A security measure caused this and this was not due to a hack, just a simple error that I made. The issue has been fixed and our website is running smooth again. Sorry about any problems this may have caused.

– Adam Thiele – Webmaster.

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As I see more and more accounts on our website that catches my eye and may be suspicious. I do track daily traffic on our website and record any suspicious activity. I am watching these unknown accounts to make sure that we have no security breaches nor any hacking of our website. On the server side, I do own the web hosting company and trust me when I say we have several security measures in place for such attempts.


I will be talking with the board members to get a terms of use and a privacy policy page up and running soon.


One very important piece of information that we want anyone to know is that having an account with our website is a privilege. We reserve the right to reject any new accounts to appear to me as suspicious. If any current account is caught performing any illegal act on our website, attempting to hack, post any advertising of any kind without our consent, post any offensive language, or making other members uncomfortable by stalking, threatening, name calling, or making fun of that member or any other member, that account owner will be notified and given only one warning to stop. After one warning is given, the account will be banned and future accounts from that member will also be banned. 


We have not had any problems with any members so far. This is just a warning that we are watching accounts to ensure the safety and peace of our church community.

Thank you 

– Adam Thiele – Webmaster.

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Sermon Video Update

Joe, our minister has requested that todays sermon should not be recorded. So we will not have a sermon video for this week. According to our minister Joe, we will resume sermon videos next week.

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New Technical Support System

I have added a Technical Support system to provide technical support for anything you may have.

In order to use this system, you must first login into our church website, then you select Dashboard from the top left of the page.

Once you are in your Dashboard, you should see a section called Technical Support. Fill this form out for any of the following requests: General Support, Website Issues, and Feature Request.

From now on, please use this system. Thank you. Provided below is a screenshot of this system.

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Urgent Password Change

Recently we have received a successful hacking attempt on our website. The hacker was able to delete our features page which in turn removed the featues drop down menu form the navigation menu. I was able to recover the pages and fix this issue. Because of this hack, we need to step up security on our website. I have updated my password to a very strong password to prevent this from happenign again.

Please keep in mind that every day we receive multiple hack attempts on our website. Hackers are trying to hack my account to mess up our website. They may also try to hack your accounts to.

So in cases such as this one, I am requiring everyone to change there password for security reasons. Each account is prone to have there account hacked as well. I understand that some of you may not know how to make a strong password. Please follow the steps below to make a strong password and change it.

1. Please go to This is a trusted website that provides very secure passwords.

2. On the top left side of the page you will see a stong password generator.

3. Change the lenghth field to 15 also check the box that says include symbols.

4. Click generate password.

5. Copy the password, I would advise to write down the password so you do not forget it. (If you do forget your password, I can reset it).

6. Go back to the church website and login to your account.

7. Hover your mouse over the Social Network menu item, click the members link.

8. On the right side you will see a profile box, click the profile link.

9. Next click the settings link located on the far right of the profile page.

10. You will need to put in your current password.

11. Then type your password near the bottom twice. (Make sure to have the password correct, I advise to copy the password from and paste the password in the new password field boxes)

12. Click Save Changes. Remembe that now your new password will take in effect the next time you login.

If you have any questions, please visit our support page by clicking here. (The link will open in a new window).

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Last Week and This Week Sermons

I am sorry to report that we will not be posting the sermon from last week and this coming Sunday. My absence from church is the reason. I am not hurt or anything. With Christmas and New Years eve, plans have already been made. The Sermon videos will resume Sunday, January 01, 2012. Sorry for any inconvience

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Messages Update

We are getting close to releasing our messages section. This has been put on hold for completing of the social network platform and our eBible section.


Sneak Peak:

Our first message that we will be releasing is the S.W.A.T series. This is a 4 week series. Each segment will be released one week at a time. 

Our official release date of our first message is 02/19/2012 between the times 12:30PM – 1:30 PM CST

Here is a preview of our S.W.A.T. Message:




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