Online Bible Progress

Online Bible Progress

UPDATE(01/25/2012): We are still working with to provide you with our very own eBible. eBible has fixed one major bug, which is the selection of bible versions that you may pick from. With this bug fixed, we only face a few other bugs, which include being able to turn to the next page. We have also given them more ideas that we think would make this even better. We shall see what they decide. When more of these bugs are fixed, we will be able to release our eBible. 


I have some wonderful news about our Online Bible I was talking about in last October.

After talking with we are now able to intergrate the Online Bible to our website. We have started the project of adding this to our website with amazing features for anyone to view.

Here is a preview of how the Centennial Christian Church eBible will look:

We are facing some bugs that will push the release date back. We are working with to fix these bugs and hopefully release this wonderful website feature soon. We will keep you posted on our progress.

– Adam Thiele – Webmaster


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