Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs

January 1, 1970


Our church plays a part to help our local community by providing and contributing to the folllowing programs:


"Lights of Love"

The "Lights of Love" program helps children of those less fortune at Christmas time. Names of children who have very little day to day are added to a form on the bulletin board by the front door of the church. The children's names are kept secret from the congregation and cards are written up stating the age, gender, and size of the children's clothes. The cards are placed on a string of lights in numbered envelopes. Congregation members select as many envelopes as they are willing to donate gifts to. Usually you will purchase an outfit for the child and a toy. The members have always been most generous in giving and I'm sure there were bright smiles from the children who got a Christmas worth remembering. Christmas is the season of giving and the feeling you receive from giving is unbelievable. 

Jesus came into this world, lived among us, gave to others without taking, and gave his life to save ours. Thank you to all that took part. May GOD Bless YOU! 


Health Care Services:

Sugar Creek Care Center: Sundays at 4:00pm

Watseka Health Care: 10th at 2:00pm


"Mittens for Munchkins"

Centennial will be collecting gloves, hats, and scarves for the children at Shiloh Christian Children's Ranch. The collection box is located at the front door of the church. These are donated in December.

Annual Christmas Dinner: Feeding the Community in Need  

Centennial continues the tradition of feeding those without, those who may have little family around for the holidays, those just passing through, and those who can't get out of their homes. What a blessing seeing so many show up on Christmas day to help so many in need. Last year we served over 365 meals, both delivering to homes and walk-ins eating at the church. This year we calculated feeding 204 delivered meals and about 80-90 walk-ins, not to mention the 30-40 people who volunteered part of their Christmas to help others. There's a lot of LOVE at Centennial Christian Church and you can't walk in without feeling it. I'd have to say that our motto would be; "Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you." Thank you to all who donated their time, food, setup, cleanup, etc.. May God bless you.    

Watseka Food Pantry Community Outreach Program

In an attempt to help the less fortunate in the community, Centennial Christian Church is reaching out to help the hungry in the area through a food drive. The procedes are to be given to Centennial Christian Church. The donations should be brought to the Church on the first Sunday of each month. The program began on December 3rd and continues on. All of us at Centennial Christian Church thank you for your involvement in this worthwhile ministry to help others. May GOD bless you! 

The items needed are listed below.

Grains and Starches: 

Cold cereal

Instant or quick oatmeal

Pancake mix (uses water only) 


Saltine crackers


Plain macaroni, noodles, spaghetti 

Instant mashed potatoes

Rice and pasta mixes 

Hamburger and tuna helper 

Dried noodle soup mixes 

Canned pasta entrees 


Canned Meat & Meat Substitutes: 

Tuna, salmon, and chicken 

Spam and Treet 

Beef, chicken, or turkey stew 

Peanut butter 

Pork and beans 

Baked beans 

Kidney beans 

Soups with meat / meat broth

Pasta products with meat 

Chili without beans 

Macaroni and cheese

Sausage and gravy 

Pasta sauce with meat 


Canned Fruit and Vegetables: 

Applesauce, apricots, peaches, pears, pineapple 

Fruit juice (not fruit drink, please) 

Carrots, peas, corn, green beans, tomatoes 

Mixed vegetables 

Tomato sauce 

Tomato spaghetti sauce 

Vegetable juice and soup 



Dairy Products:

Dried milk 

Evaporated milk 

Hot chocolate mix 


Other Foods: 

Instant pudding 

Microwave popcorn 


Small bags / boxes of flour and sugar 

Small containers of cooking oil 

Fresh apples, carrots, oranges, potatoes 

Coffee and tea


Non-Food items: 

Bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion 

Toilet paper, paper towels 

Saltine crackers


Plain macaroni, noodles, spaghetti 

Instant mashed potatoes

Rice and pasta mixes 

Hamburger and tuna helper 

Dried noodle soup mixes 

Canned pasta entrees 

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