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Yes, that is correct. We are offering all our wonderful features for our Christian community for free.

You do not have to be a member of our church to make an account. You are welcome to make a free account and connect with us.

We will be providing resources so that you can worship at home as well. Sunday is not the only day to worship.

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What Has Changed?

I have added so many features to the new website that I know you will love.

For starters I have added a new look to the website, giving it a nice and clean look.

We have many more features with our website.


Social Network Feature:

We have integrated a system similar to the popular social network platforms such as Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin. We have made sure this system is very user friendly but at the same time powerful enough to offer tons of features.

Here is what we are able to offer with our Social Network System:

  • User Profile Pages
  • Pretty Profile Urls (to help with memorability and Google Indexing)
  • Ability to Upload custom avatars (falls back on Gravatar)
  • Adding Users as Friends
  • User Profile Posting (for friends)
  • User Profile Post Commenting (for friends)
  • Friend Activity Pages
  • Full Member Directory
  • Login & Navigation Widget
  • Random or Recent Users Widget
  • Email Notifications
  • User Email Notification Opt-Outs
  • Front end login, logout, lost password and registration system.
  • Twitter-Like user tagging (using the @ symbol followed by the user's name)
  • Custom Profile Fields (configurable by the admin)
  • Private Messaging

This alone would seem like enough for a website, but I decided to add more.

I also introduced a Prayer request section to the website. The prayer request application allows users to submit requests, or pray for existing requests. All requests can be moderated from the admin section and can be flagged by members as inappropriate requests. 

Every time a request is prayed for, and the user clicks the "I Prayed For You" button, the requester will receive a nightly email detailing how many prayers they received that day.

We also have a blog section where members can post blogs. The main blog of our website will only be for website administrators and board members. But you can post your personal blog via your profile.


We have also made a logo for the church. This logo is a unique logo that I believe fits our church wonderfully.


Are we done yet? No. We are already working on other features that we will be adding to the website in the future.

Here is a list of the features that we will be adding:

 Completed – Sermon Videos – Just like our first website, we will be publishing sermon videos in higher quality and closer to the minister.

More Graphics – We will be adding more graphics to the website as time goes on.

Church Directory – We are still debating if this directory will be a list of all members or just board members.

Completed (Waiting on NIV Version) Online NIV Bible – This feature is currently just an idea and we are not sure if we will be given rights to publish this on our website, but we are going to try.

Bible Lessons – We want to add bible lessons that you can do at your home, in case you are not able to make it to church.

Centennial Christian Church App for iOS and Android – This is again just an idea. We would like to expand our community to mobile devices.

……and we have more features planned.


So check out our new website and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

– Adam Thiele 


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Online Bible?

During the past week or so, I have been in direct contact with ebible.com about adding an online bible to our website.

According to my direct source with the company, they have agreed to help us achieve just that.

ebible.com has also informed us that they are in development of a new service that would fit our needs. This service would allow us to post the bible online. We are still working on getting the NIV version online.

They also inform us that we will gamecommaration be able to have minister official notes for verses, commentaries, and even set an official church reading plan.

We have offered to help them in this development of this service. We do expect to have this feature live later this year.


Currently I do have authorization to post the ESV bible version on our website from ebible.com. This will take some time. I will keep you posted as I progress.

Thanks –

Adam Thiele – Webmaster

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New Technical Support System

I have added a Technical Support system to provide technical support for anything you may have.

In order to use this system, you must first login into our church website, then you select Dashboard from the top left of the page.

Once you are in your Dashboard, you should see a section called Technical Support. Fill this form out for any of the following requests: General Support, Website Issues, and Feature Request.

From now on, please use this system. Thank you. Provided below is a screenshot of this system.

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Website Registration Error

It has come to my attention that we have been experiencing an issue with website registrations. After testing this issue, I have discovered that the issue lies with a plugin that we use for our social network system. The issue seems to be with the captcha system.

I have contacted the plugin developer with this issue and we are working to resolve this issue.

We do have another alternative method of registering on our website. Please click here if you are having problems with registering. This registration page is the default WordPress registration page.

Once you register and your account, you will be emailed a password. The email will be from WordPress so please check your email that you registered with.

This email will contain your username and password to login to the website.

This login will work on the login sidebar on any page as well as the default WordPress Login page

Please use this method for registerations until we work out the bugs on the current registration page.

Thank you.

Adam Thiele – Webmaster

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Censorship Protest!


Have you been paying attention to all the hubbub online about the proposed U.S. legislation (SOPA/PIPA) that threatens internet freedom? WordPress wrote about it last week over on WordPress.org, but the gist is this: there's a bill in the U.S. Senate that if passed would put publishing freedom severely at risk, and could shut down entire sites at the whim of media companies. Fight for the Future created this nifty video to sum it up better than I can.


On January 18, 2012, sites all over the internet will be blacking out to protest and try to mobilize more people to speak out against this bill coming up in the Senate next week — S. 968: the Protect IP Act (PIPA) — in an attempt to let U.S. lawmakers know how much opposition there is. WordPress.orgWikipedia, and even WordPress.com VIP I Can Has Cheezburger? will be participating in the blackout to raise awareness and spur you to action.

We will take part in this blackout. So please be advised Centennial Christian Church, will be participating in the blackout to raise awarness and spur you to action.

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Online Bible Progress

UPDATE(01/25/2012): We are still working with eBible.com to provide you with our very own eBible. eBible has fixed one major bug, which is the selection of bible versions that you may pick from. With this bug fixed, we only face a few other bugs, which include being able to turn to the next page. We have also given them more ideas that we think would make this even better. We shall see what they decide. When more of these bugs are fixed, we will be able to release our eBible. 


I have some wonderful news about our Online Bible I was talking about in last October.

After talking with eBible.com we are now able to intergrate the Online Bible to our website. We have started the project of adding this to our website with amazing features for anyone to view.

Here is a preview of how the Centennial Christian Church eBible will look:

We are facing some bugs that will push the release date back. We are working with eBible.com to fix these bugs and hopefully release this wonderful website feature soon. We will keep you posted on our progress.

– Adam Thiele – Webmaster


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Website Tutorial/Registration Fix

Over the past weeks, I have been asked to make a tutorial on how to use our website. Some of our church members and anyone else who does need this tutorial is in luck.

I will start making a video that will explain how to operate our website starting from making an account.

One issue that has been brought to my attention is registrations. I would like to point our that we use a WordPress plugin Mingle for our Social Network structure of our website. This is software that I did not develop but know how to use. 

One issue that I have seen is that not all registrations are being accepted because of passwords not being cleared with this system. For registratons of our website, you do not have to use the Mingle registration system(which is located under the login box on the right side of our website). WordPress does have a default registration that also will work when a user wants to make an account with our website that I know does work.

You will notice a box at the top of our website for the direct link for registrations of our website. Please use this method to fix all registration issues.

Once you have registered with our website, you then may use the Mingle Social Network structure, which includes (login box on the right side of our website, messaging system, comments, etc)

This is a simple fix for our registrations of our website. A full turtorial will explain the rest. Any questions you may have please contact us. 


Adam Thiele – Webmaster



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With so many issues that never ended with our old social network system, I have decided to intergrate a new system called BuddyPress. 

With this system we are able to provide so much more fuctionality with an easy to use system.

One great thing about this system  is that existing members will not have to make a new account to use this system. BuddyPress uses the existing WordPress account which is what each person has when making an account with our website.

To learn how to use the new Social Network system  CLICK HERE!



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After months of waiting and bug extermination, we are announcing the full release of our Online eBible. 


 Our focus is to provide a free, simple, clean and pleasurable reading experience with no advertisements or other distractions.

John 1 teaches us that "the Word became flesh" in Jesus. We at Centennial Christian Church truly believe that life change happens through a deeper engagement with the Bible. Our motto is: "Engage the Bible, Experience Jesus."

At the end of the day, we just want you to read the Bible more. If we can help you achieve that, we will have reached our goal of what our church is all about.

To access our eBible please click here.

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