Radio Sermons

Radio Sermons

Until further notice, the radio sermons will be removed from our website. We are currently working with our license to legally add our radio sermons on our website. Until the license is updated for online viewing, you will not be able to listen to our radio sermons online. Tune in on WGFA to listen to Joe’s sermons.

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Sermon – Radio Program Delay – UPDATE

Good afternoon everyone,

We have been experiencing some technical difficulties with the main computer that I use to edit and product the sermon and radio sermons. If all goes well this should be resolved by Friday. Stay tuned for updates. Both radio and church sermons for the last 2 weeks are affected.


UPDATE 03/05/2017:

With a successful repair of the technical issue, I am working to add the missing two sermons from the last two weeks, plus the sermon from today. All three sermons will be added today. The sermon from today will be added a litter later than normal.




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New Website Features On The Way!

Lately, I have been searching for even more ways that we can provide more content for our website. I have found some free resources that we can use. This will help our online experience even more. As more features are added, I will let you know.

For the most updated information about our website, please view our blog. We will post future content, events, etc on our blog.


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Website Broken?

This morning I noticed that our website was borken. This was due to an image problem and our website CSS was also affected by this. A security measure caused this and this was not due to a hack, just a simple error that I made. The issue has been fixed and our website is running smooth again. Sorry about any problems this may have caused.

– Adam Thiele – Webmaster.

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As I see more and more accounts on our website that catches my eye and may be suspicious. I do track daily traffic on our website and record any suspicious activity. I am watching these unknown accounts to make sure that we have no security breaches nor any hacking of our website. On the server side, I do own the web hosting company and trust me when I say we have several security measures in place for such attempts.


I will be talking with the board members to get a terms of use and a privacy policy page up and running soon.


One very important piece of information that we want anyone to know is that having an account with our website is a privilege. We reserve the right to reject any new accounts to appear to me as suspicious. If any current account is caught performing any illegal act on our website, attempting to hack, post any advertising of any kind without our consent, post any offensive language, or making other members uncomfortable by stalking, threatening, name calling, or making fun of that member or any other member, that account owner will be notified and given only one warning to stop. After one warning is given, the account will be banned and future accounts from that member will also be banned. 


We have not had any problems with any members so far. This is just a warning that we are watching accounts to ensure the safety and peace of our church community.

Thank you 

– Adam Thiele – Webmaster.

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Sermon Video Update

Joe, our minister has requested that todays sermon should not be recorded. So we will not have a sermon video for this week. According to our minister Joe, we will resume sermon videos next week.

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Messages Update

We are getting close to releasing our messages section. This has been put on hold for completing of the social network platform and our eBible section.


Sneak Peak:

Our first message that we will be releasing is the S.W.A.T series. This is a 4 week series. Each segment will be released one week at a time. 

Our official release date of our first message is 02/19/2012 between the times 12:30PM – 1:30 PM CST

Here is a preview of our S.W.A.T. Message:




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Sermon Delay

The sermon that was recorded today will be delayed from being posted on our website with the normal scheduel of being released the next day.

The reason for this is we also recorded a special glimps of our Adult Sunday School apologetics lesson. Personally I love this lesson and wanted to share them online with the world to help us Christians with defending our faith.

Because uploading our sermon video to YouTube takes so long, adding the sunday school video will take longer. We will be uploading both videos at once to hopefully release them together.

Joe is going to reach out to the author of the book that we are using in our Adult Sunday School class, to see if we may record and reference what this book has to say. 

I am sorry about the delay, but I promise you the wait is worth it.

– Adam Thiele – Webmaster

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Major Social Network Software Update


On March 26, 2012, BuddyPress 1.5.5 was released to the public. This is a maintenance and security update.. If you find any issues with this update, please submit a support ticket by clicking here.




  • Fix fatal error in friends component when settings component is disabled (3996)
  • Fix spamming a user from wp-admin does not remove user from groups (3787)
  • Fix bug that caused user display names to be overwritten in certain environments
  • Fix BP interfering with Jetpack registration (3751)
  • Improvements to saving general settings screen code. (4010)
  • Add filter for status message output. (5833)
  • Fix handling of quote marks in status message output. (4016)
  • Improvements to error handling in the member registration process (3949)
  • Fix avatar sizing for Toolbar ‘Howdy’ menu when in wp-admin and using the BuddyBar (5864)
  • Disable ajax for bottom pagination links on groups members screen. (5894)
  • Fix uploading avatar when BP is used on a non-root site. (2574)
  • Fix a php notice (4070)
  • Fix login/nicename being swapped when fetching extra forum post details. (4083)
  • Only run BP-Default AJAX functions if a POST request.
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Website Tutorial/Registration Fix

Over the past weeks, I have been asked to make a tutorial on how to use our website. Some of our church members and anyone else who does need this tutorial is in luck.

I will start making a video that will explain how to operate our website starting from making an account.

One issue that has been brought to my attention is registrations. I would like to point our that we use a WordPress plugin Mingle for our Social Network structure of our website. This is software that I did not develop but know how to use. 

One issue that I have seen is that not all registrations are being accepted because of passwords not being cleared with this system. For registratons of our website, you do not have to use the Mingle registration system(which is located under the login box on the right side of our website). WordPress does have a default registration that also will work when a user wants to make an account with our website that I know does work.

You will notice a box at the top of our website for the direct link for registrations of our website. Please use this method to fix all registration issues.

Once you have registered with our website, you then may use the Mingle Social Network structure, which includes (login box on the right side of our website, messaging system, comments, etc)

This is a simple fix for our registrations of our website. A full turtorial will explain the rest. Any questions you may have please contact us. 


Adam Thiele – Webmaster


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