Joe Hughes Radio Program NOW ONLINE!

Joe Hughes Radio Program NOW ONLINE!

We are proud to announce that starting today, we will be adding Joe’s radio programs on our website after they are aired on WGFA (94.1 FM) in the mornings. 

Joe currently has two programs Sunday mornings. His first program is Living Dangerously in The Hands of God, which airs from 7 AM – 7:30 AM CST. His second program is Word of God Speak, which airs from 10 AM – 10:30 AM. 

You may now start listening to each program by visiting our brand new radio programs pages here:

Living Dangerously in The Hands of God

Word of God Speak


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Website Upgrade – Phase 1 Complete


We have completed phase one of our website upgrade. Here is a brief list of some of our upgrades:

  1. New responsive design – We have upgraded our website to a full responsive design layout, so you may view our website on any screen size.
  2. New Sermon page layout –  The Sermon Pages have been redesigned, we have added a clean layout that focuses on tags, dates and videos. Tags will make searching for specific verses, dates, or videos easier.
  3. New Logo – We have re-designed our logo, to fit a more clean and modern design. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

We are working on our last phase of our upgrade. This will include the following:

  1. New support ticket portal for our webmaster.
  2. New Sermon list page
  3. New HTML 5 home page slider
  4. Conversion of old sermon pages to our new style

We will keep you informed as we progress. Thank you all and God Bless.

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Join Now for FREE!

Yes, that is correct. We are offering all our wonderful features for our Christian community for free.

You do not have to be a member of our church to make an account. You are welcome to make a free account and connect with us.

We will be providing resources so that you can worship at home as well. Sunday is not the only day to worship.

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With so many issues that never ended with our old social network system, I have decided to intergrate a new system called BuddyPress. 

With this system we are able to provide so much more fuctionality with an easy to use system.

One great thing about this system  is that existing members will not have to make a new account to use this system. BuddyPress uses the existing WordPress account which is what each person has when making an account with our website.

To learn how to use the new Social Network system  CLICK HERE!



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After months of waiting and bug extermination, we are announcing the full release of our Online eBible. 


 Our focus is to provide a free, simple, clean and pleasurable reading experience with no advertisements or other distractions.

John 1 teaches us that "the Word became flesh" in Jesus. We at Centennial Christian Church truly believe that life change happens through a deeper engagement with the Bible. Our motto is: "Engage the Bible, Experience Jesus."

At the end of the day, we just want you to read the Bible more. If we can help you achieve that, we will have reached our goal of what our church is all about.

To access our eBible please click here.

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Messages Released!

After working on the Messages for quite some time and perfecting the new feature, I would like to announce the release of Messages.

Messages is not what you will get in your inbox on our website, but rather sets of series videos that will help you grow in your relationship with the Lord. These messages come from all ministries across the world. We will be releasing one series at a time and provide you with the next series release date and preview video if there is one. We hope that you watch the Messages videos and enjoy them like I did. If you see any errors in any Message video that we do not already tell you about, please let us know so we can correct the issues.

You may view the Message feature by selecting the Features tab in the navigation bar, then selecting Messages, or you can simply CLICK HERE to view it.


– Adam Thiele – Webmaster

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Welcome to the new Centennial Christian Church website.

So check out our new website with features including a newely built social network feature.

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What Has Changed?

I have added so many features to the new website that I know you will love.

For starters I have added a new look to the website, giving it a nice and clean look.

We have many more features with our website.


Social Network Feature:

We have integrated a system similar to the popular social network platforms such as Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin. We have made sure this system is very user friendly but at the same time powerful enough to offer tons of features.

Here is what we are able to offer with our Social Network System:

  • User Profile Pages
  • Pretty Profile Urls (to help with memorability and Google Indexing)
  • Ability to Upload custom avatars (falls back on Gravatar)
  • Adding Users as Friends
  • User Profile Posting (for friends)
  • User Profile Post Commenting (for friends)
  • Friend Activity Pages
  • Full Member Directory
  • Login & Navigation Widget
  • Random or Recent Users Widget
  • Email Notifications
  • User Email Notification Opt-Outs
  • Front end login, logout, lost password and registration system.
  • Twitter-Like user tagging (using the @ symbol followed by the user's name)
  • Custom Profile Fields (configurable by the admin)
  • Private Messaging

This alone would seem like enough for a website, but I decided to add more.

I also introduced a Prayer request section to the website. The prayer request application allows users to submit requests, or pray for existing requests. All requests can be moderated from the admin section and can be flagged by members as inappropriate requests. 

Every time a request is prayed for, and the user clicks the "I Prayed For You" button, the requester will receive a nightly email detailing how many prayers they received that day.

We also have a blog section where members can post blogs. The main blog of our website will only be for website administrators and board members. But you can post your personal blog via your profile.


We have also made a logo for the church. This logo is a unique logo that I believe fits our church wonderfully.


Are we done yet? No. We are already working on other features that we will be adding to the website in the future.

Here is a list of the features that we will be adding:

 Completed – Sermon Videos – Just like our first website, we will be publishing sermon videos in higher quality and closer to the minister.

More Graphics – We will be adding more graphics to the website as time goes on.

Church Directory – We are still debating if this directory will be a list of all members or just board members.

Completed (Waiting on NIV Version) Online NIV Bible – This feature is currently just an idea and we are not sure if we will be given rights to publish this on our website, but we are going to try.

Bible Lessons – We want to add bible lessons that you can do at your home, in case you are not able to make it to church.

Centennial Christian Church App for iOS and Android – This is again just an idea. We would like to expand our community to mobile devices.

……and we have more features planned.


So check out our new website and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

– Adam Thiele 


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