January 1, 1970

The Loop is going to war! “Not against flesh and blood”…but against the spiritual attacks of Satan. In this series we get to become part of the elite S.W.A.T team and be apart of helping arm students with the full armor of God. We will be looking at S.W.A.T. or Spiritual Weapons And Tactics for standing against Satan’s attacks in our lives.


We have experienced the words and the mouth of the speaker not matching up. We are not able to fix this.

Week 1 Video


Week 2 Video 



Week 3 Video 



Week 4 Video 

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2 thoughts on “S.W.A.T

  • Dan T

    These clips are awesome! I'm setting in airport at Charlotte N.C. Watching these and most of the people around me are tying to listen to the clips. I wish my I pad had a loudere speaker.
    I hope everyone takes a few minutes to check these outt.
    Dan T

    • Adam Thiele


      Thanks Dan,

      This is wonderful news. You should tell people about the church website, as they are welcome to join.

      This first series is complete and 03/18/2012 will be the start of the next series: Stop Acting Like a Christian : BE ONE!

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