Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Coming Soon

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Coming Soon

As I see more and more accounts on our website that catches my eye and may be suspicious. I do track daily traffic on our website and record any suspicious activity. I am watching these unknown accounts to make sure that we have no security breaches nor any hacking of our website. On the server side, I do own the web hosting company and trust me when I say we have several security measures in place for such attempts.


I will be talking with the board members to get a terms of use and a privacy policy page up and running soon.


One very important piece of information that we want anyone to know is that having an account with our website is a privilege. We reserve the right to reject any new accounts to appear to me as suspicious. If any current account is caught performing any illegal act on our website, attempting to hack, post any advertising of any kind without our consent, post any offensive language, or making other members uncomfortable by stalking, threatening, name calling, or making fun of that member or any other member, that account owner will be notified and given only one warning to stop. After one warning is given, the account will be banned and future accounts from that member will also be banned. 


We have not had any problems with any members so far. This is just a warning that we are watching accounts to ensure the safety and peace of our church community.

Thank you 

– Adam Thiele – Webmaster.

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